About Me:

     Hi all! I’m Leah Geis (she/they), and I’m a director and sometimes stage manager based out of the Chicago area! I grew up on a cattle ranch just a mile from the bustling metropolis of Maskell, Nebraska, which brags of its population of 50 people and having the smallest city hall in the US. I knew I had a passion for theatre and developing new works when I was a teenager and co-founded an ensemble-based theatre company, Joe's Bro's Play Co., which focused creating original and exciting theatre for rural audiences for the five years we operated.

After earning my B.F.A. in Theatre Studies with an emphasis in Directing/Stage Management from the University of South Dakota, I obtained consistent freelance work in professional, youth, and community theatre for a year before packing all my belongings in my trusty 2009 Impala relocating to Chicago in the fall of 2018.

I believe this city provides a platform for me to pursue my greatest passion as a director: Collaborating with diverse viewpoints to create empathetic experiences designed to inspire and change the world we live in.



"I had the pleasure of working with Leah Geis this [past] summer at the Black Hills Playhouse where she stage managed the

production of OKLAHOMA I was directing. It’s a big (and long) musical and we had a short rehearsal period in a space that was half the size of the actual stage and often exceedingly warm. Leah was wonderful! A center of calm and efficiency throughout the process, she really anticipated what was needed and had a great rapport with the company. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

-Bill Russell, director and two time
Tony-nominated lyricist.

"Time and time again she (Leah) demonstrated her exceptional skill and mastery at storytelling. She did so by not only having a distinctive vision but also clearly communicating – and inspiring – her ideas to her designers and actors. Her strengths as a stage-manager (and also a director) rest in her attention to detail, organizational skills, and her dedication and passion for theatre. She proved to be such an exceptional theatre artist that we hired her to stage manage and assistant direct our production of Cabaret, where she worked with choreographer Broadway legend Chet Walker."

-Dr. Raimondo Genna, Chair and Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, University of South Dakota. 

"Leah is a conscientious and hard-working stage manager. Throughout our work together on Bus Stop, she was always prompt, always prepared, and always immediately responsive to any needs on the part of myself, the actors, or the crew...Working with her was not only easy, it was enjoyable. Leah is very good at the two key tasks of a stage manager - managing people, and managing a plethora of complex details...I thank Leah for her invaluable contribution to this (Bus Stop's) success, and I recommend her work to you unreservedly." 
-Dr. Timothy Pyles, director and AEA actor.

"Working with Leah is a delight! Her level of professionalism and organization is astounding and she is always ready to take on any challenges that may arise with authority and poise. All this being said though, one of my favorite aspects of working with Leah is her attitude and the environment she creates. She makes it so that everyone feels comfortable going to her to talk or ask questions and she never fails to make people laugh. Her bright, lively personality is infectious and one of her best traits. I would 100% love to work with Leah again if I get the opportunity and I cannot speak highly enough of her!"
Allison Howe, actor/dancer.

"Working with Leah is such an amazing experience. She always knows what she wants but is still open to collaboration. She's great at working with all kinds of theatre people, including small children, adults who have never done a productions, and everything in between. She works hard and her productions are consistently great quality."
-Shekendra Morgan, stage manager
and actress.


Photo by Russell Lloyd Jensen, Sage Studios